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Jerusalem, Notre-Dame, April 2007



Everybody has heard the first reading.
God is very clear.
Somebody will be responsible for the death of the wicked.
Or the wicked or the wicked and me.
Or the wicked or the wicked and you.
If I don’t warn my family and my friends to renounce their evil ways, we shall die both.
God is very clear.

I can’t say: I believe and it’s enough.
There is no faith only for me.
There is no philosophy: Nobody can tell me what shall I do.
God is very clear.
We won’t be saved if we are silent.
The heaven is for the disciples of the truth and not for the sons of the silence.

Does it seem to be unjust or too hard?
But how can Father be happy with the son who doesn’t want to help his own brother?

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