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What is the Bible?


What is the Bible?

1. The Bible is a mirror.
In a mirror you can see all things you see in your life. You can see your room, your clothes, even the sunset. And in a mirror you can see one thing that you can’t see without a mirror. It’s your countenance, your face.
The Bible is a mirror. Only in God’s words you can recognise yourselves, your own countenance. Without the biblical mirror you can know the world, but you will never know who you are.


What is the Bible?
2. The Bible is an invitation.
Maybe you don’t like invitations. Maybe you think immediately about money you have to pay for it. Don’t worry…
The Bible is an invitation to new life, to a party with the saints, to a weeding with Christ, to a banquet of Eucharist, to a conversation with your heavenly Father.
The Bible is an invitation. Don’t answer, please: I regret I am unable to accept your kind invitation…


What is the Bible?
3. The Bible is a conscience.
Conscience is the part of you that tells you whether what you are doing is right or wrong. Unfortunately we don’t like listen to the voices that say us: “You are wrong”. That’s our generation. Kids are marvellous. Parents are brilliant. Priests are wonderful. Even the government is not so bad. Obviously we complain but because of the fate and about the others.
The Bible is a conscience, sometimes a pang of conscience.
Maybe that is reason why we don’t read the Bible to much…


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