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The fig tree (Fr/34/II)

Jerusalem-Notre Dame, 3rd November 2006


Jesus says:
Consider the fig tree and all the other trees.
Look at the fig tree and indeed every tree.
Think of the fig tree.

Jesus doesn’t say:
Look at the teachers.
Look at the scientists.
Look at the Bible.
Look at the apostles.
Jesus says:
Look at the fig tree.

The fig tree doesn’t think.
The fig tree doesn’t have power.
The fig tree is almost nothing.
It lives today, but tomorrow can be cut down.
But even though the fig tree is only fig tree it can be a good teacher.
Jesus says: Look at the fig tree and learn how to recognize that the Kingdom of God is near.

We have a lot of teachers. We try to recognize what God is saying trough the Pope, the bishops, through the confessors, trough our friends and relatives, trough the Bible. And that is good. But we have to remember that sometimes God says the great things through small things. He uses the fig tree to speak about the end of times.

Who is your fig tree?
What is your fig tree?

Let us be opened for everybody and everything,
because the God’s teaching can come from the side that we have never expected.

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