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Are we still disciples of Christ? (Th/4/1)

Jerusalem, 1st Febraury 2007


They had no food and no sack.
We have.
They had a walking stick.
We have cars.
They had no money in their belts.
We have.
The didn’t have more than one tunics.
We have more.
They preached repentance.
We preach humanism.
They shook the dust off their feet in testimony against the people who didn’t welcome them.
We smile and speak: everyone is free so everybody can reject the Gospel and Christ.
They drove out many demons.
We do not.
They anointed with oil many who were sick and cured them.
We only anoint with oil. 

Are we still disciples of Christ?
Yes! Of course! We are!
This is the question to answer…

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