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Just two words (Wed/6/Easter)

Jerusalem-Notre Dame, 16th May 2007


Just two words.
The first: St. Paul reports Jesus’ word not written in the gospel: “There is more happiness in giving than in receiving”.
That’s true. When I was an assistant priest in a parish I felt more happier than now. Probably because I was giving more than now. Now I’m studing – it means: I receive more. It means: I give less. It means also: I am less happy.
Are you not happy?
Maybe you should give more…

The second: Jesus prays: “Father, Consecrate them in the truth”.
To consecrate means not only to make holy but also “to take out of the sphere of the profane and place in the sphere of the divine”.
It is truth that makes us holy.
It is truth that takes us out of this world and put us closer to God.
It means: it is not unimportant what you believe.
It means: What is your truth, such is your holiness. 

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