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Who is sowing your field? (16A)

Leicester, 20th July 2008


Dear brothers and sisters,
Are you farmers?
Probably not.
But all of you have a field.

Are you landowners?
Presumable not.
But all of you have a field.

Your soul is your field.
My field is my soul.
The question for today is:
“Who is sowing my field?”
“Who is sowing in your field?”

In today’s gospel Jesus said:
A man sowed a good seed in his field.
But also his enemy came and sowed darnel.

Who is sowing your field and what is sowing in your field?
This question is very important:
Who sows in you depression?:
You’re clown, you’re fool, you’re nonentity, zero, null.
Who sows in you the feeling of value?
You’re great! Come on! You can do it! You’re very good! Don’t take a dislike!
Who sows in you jealousy, envy?
He is better than you! She likes him more than you! Grandmother gave me more money than you gave me!
Who sows in you faith?
You are not alone. God is with you. God wants to help you. He died for you! He must love you so much…
Who sows in you doubts?
Don’t trust in people. They are hopeless. Don’t listen to the Church. They are old-fashioned. Don’t believe in God. Did anybody see him?
Who is sowing your field and what is sowing in your field? 

This question is very important, sometimes even crucial.
Because we hear a lot of words, a lot of seeds are coming in our field, in our souls. And sometimes is so difficult to distinguish between them. What is good? What is fatal? Who is sowing in me good seed and who is sowing in me darnel?
It matters who I meet with.
It matters what channel I watch.
It matters what station I listen to.
It matters what kind of newspaper I read.
It does matter.
We are free. That’s true.
But my field depends on the seed that fall on.
We are free.
But if I see in my field only bushes, shrubs, thorns, thickets, I should know where they come from.
So today’s question is: Who is sowing your field? 

A liar sows lie.
A scoffer sows indignity.
An ambitious sows competition.
A skeptic sows doubt.
A jealous man sows anxiety.
Who is sowing your field? 

The disciples asked Jesus: “Do you want us to go and weed the darnel out?
Jesus answered: “No. Let them both grow till the harvest”.
It’s impossible to live hearing only good words.
It’s impossible to live speaking only with friends.
But if I want to have a good harvest from my field I should think about this question:
Who is sowing my field?

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