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Prophecy, power and gift (15B)

Kirkham, 16th July 2006


Dear Brothers and Sisters. I wanted to say just 3 words.

1. The first is about prophecy.
Am I prophet?
Can I say that God told me: “Go, prophesy to my people”?
Am I apostle?
Did I set off to preach repentance?
If “not”, why am I speaking to you?
If “yes”, why we aren’t sure, that God is speaking to us?
What can I do to convince you and myself, that powerful and merciful God is speaking to his people?
What can we do to believe that we are not alone, and God lives forever and for everybody?
If we don’t believe that God is speaking today, let we change the church into a cinema or into a museum.

2. The second word is about power.
It is hard to believe, but this is true.
The apostles cast out many devils, anointed many sick people with oil and cured them. They had power. Where is this power nowadays.
Where are miraculous nowadays?
Me and you, we are the Christians and we are set off like apostles. But can we say as they said: “I have no bread, no haversack, no coppers and no spare tunic…”?
Probably where is a sacrifice there is a power. 

3. The last word is about God’s gift.
We can say: „I gave 2 pounds my neighbour. My mother gave the bread her friend. My cousin gave car his son”. But can we say: „What has God given us?”
The prophet Amos says: “The Lord has given me vocation”. He took me from herding the flock”.
The Psalmist says: “God gave us peace, mercy, justice, help”.
Saint Paul says: “God has blessed us, he chose us. Through his blood we gain our freedom, the forgiveness of our sins”.
The apostles says: “God gave us the power to cast out many devils”.
And you? What has God given you?

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