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Will and hardness of heart (27B)

Jerusalem-Notre Dame, 8th October 2006



Dear brothers and sisters.
I would to say just two words.

The first word is about “will”.
What do you want?
Do you want to divorce?
Do you want to leave your wife, your husband?
Would you like to marry another person?
Would you like to look at the new face, see the new smile and listen to the new words?
What do I want exactly?
Would I like to leave my priesthood or my monastic life?
Did I find somebody or something more interesting, more amazing, more gorgeous or more charming?
What is my will? What is your true will?

They are married because they wanted to be together.
They are going to divorce, because they want to be separated.
Always my “will”. Always your will.
Jesus reminds in today’s gospel: It is man who leaves his father and mother but it is God who joins together”. What God has joined together, no human being must separate.
My life is not only my will, unless I want to complicate life.
This is a good news! If God wants my marriage, my priesthood, nobody and nothing can destroy it. 

The second word is about hardness of heart.
Moses permitted to write a bill of divorce because of the hardness of the hearts.
In the Bible is one person who is very famous because of the hardness of his heart. It is Pharaoh who didn’t want to let the people go. The Scriptures say about twelve times that pharaoh was obstinate and would not listen to Moses, would not listen to the miracles, would not listen to God. To have a hard heart is to be closed  from God, from his voice, from his signs.
The conclusion is maybe surprised but is very true. If I have troubles with my fidelity, with my marriage or my vocation I have to open my heart to God and for God. If I have some problems with my life I don’t need any divorce, I need rather the faith, the faith in God who can crush the hardest heart and who can open the best fortified stronghold. 

Dear friends.
I wanted to say just two words. About will and about hardness of heart.
Let us pray never with hypocrisy: „Thy will be done on earth as it is in heaven”.
Let us pray always: “My delight is to do your will; your law, my God, is deep in my heart.” (Ps 40:9)

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