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About Love (31B)

Jerusalem-Notre Dame, 5th November 2006



This is true.
It is love who is the most important and most beautiful in our religion.
We have believed in the Gospel because we believe in the love.
We know very well how wonderful is to be loved by Jesus Christ.
We know by experience how marvellous is to love the others, to dedicate our time, strength, feelings, dreams, money, patience…

What is life without love?
It is…
Tea without water.
Wallet without money.
Spring without flowers.
Job without earnings.
Sunset without horizon.
Prayer without God.

What is life without love?
Life without love it is not life. It is only vegetation….
God be praised for love that he gave us!
He knows very well what is the most important for a human heart.

Dear brother and sister.
We read in today’s gospel that to love God is the first commandment”.
More or less we know what it means to love. But do we know who our God is?
Who is One for you?
Who is Lord alone?
Who is so important that there is no other than he?
Who is your and my God?
Who do you love with all your heart?
Who do you love with all your soul?
Who do you love with all your mind?
Who do you love with all your strength?
This question is very important.
Because where your treasure is, there also will your heart be.
Sometimes we deify what we love instead of loving our God. 

Dear Beloved.
The last question is about yourself.
Jesus says: “you shall love your neighbour as yourself”. We know very well the first part of this sentence, but we forget very often the second part of it: “as yourself”,
Do you like yourself?
Do you love yourself?
We can not love neighbour if we don’t love ourselves!
Maybe our neighbour is very difficult, very strange, rude and annoying so that it’s hard to love him. But maybe we are not satisfied with our live, job, family, face or character, maybe we don’t love ourselves so that we are unable to love to others.
Don’t forget, my brothers!
If Jesus shed his precious blood for you it means your are precious. You are valuable.
Nobody sheds blood for nothing. Nobody pays so much for nothing.
Believe in your worth and price. Love yourself.
It will be easier to love your neighbour and to love your God.

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