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Prisoners (Fr/29/II)

Jerusalem, Notre Dame, 26th October 2006


In today’s readings we have two words that speak about prison  and prisoner.
Saint Paul says: “I, a prisoner for the Lord”. In Greek we read desmios – somebody who is bound.
Jesus says: “Make an effort to settle the matter on the way: otherwise the constable throw you into prison”. In Greek we read fylakethe place where guarding is done, prison.
We have two prisons, and two kinds of prisoners – to be bound for Christ or to be bound by the people.

We can say, if we are not bound for Christ, we are bound by the people, by the world, by ourselves.
Everybody cries nowadays: I’m free! I want to be independent! No restrictions! No limits!
Actually, there is no problem of the freedom, because everybody is prisoner.
Whose prisoner are you? That is the question! 

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