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Wolf among sheep (Fr/14/I)

Louth, 10th July 2009


Jesus said: I am sending you out like sheep among wolves. Therefore I used to think: I am a sheep and the people who are against the Gospel are wolves. Yes. They are wolves. The people who laugh over God and church, who mock the commandments, who constantly speak against and against. I thought so.
But is it true? Maybe not.

Maybe I’m not a sheep, may be it is me who is a wolf, and the wolf among sheep. Maybe I want to tear apart the people who has different lifestyle, maybe I want to devour the others only because they don’t share my religious beliefs, maybe I want to destroy them showing that they are on a wrong way only because I need to be sure that I am on a right path.
Who am I?

Jesus says: You will be hated by all men, and not: You will hate.
How do I behave towards the people who are far away from my Christian life?
Who am I for them?
Sheep among wolves or wolf among sheep?

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