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The church in ruins (Tue/9/I)

Jerusalem, Notre Dame, 5th June 2007


In the time of Saint Boniface the church was growing.
Every year the number of Christians was larger.
Every century a new nation decided to receive the baptism in the name of the Holy Trinity.
In that time, in that context perhaps was easier to believe that the truth wins and the truth belongs to the Church. 

Nowadays on the earth where saint Boniface founded the churches, the churches are going to be sold. This fact can be very sad, very upset. 
Quite every place where the apostles founded the community of Christians nowadays is in a state of ruin. It’s enough to think about Christianity in Turkey, Syria or even here, in the Holy Land. This fact can be very sad, very upset.

But despite all things and despite all circumstances we can not lose our spirit of faith, we cannot think, that believing in Christ we are going to lose our life. On the contrary.
We have only to remember, that faith is never given for ever, never linked with any place or with any nation. We have to do everything that my country, my city, my home will never change in the place where God has no bench to seat on it.

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