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Three tips for one banquet (Tue/31/II)

Jerusalem, Notre Dame, 7th November 2006


We can draw at least 3 conclusions from today’s gospel.

The first:
We are the people who were invited at the beginning. By the baptism, by the faith, by the fact, that we are today in the church. We are the first invited. 

The second:
Everything is now ready. We don’t wait for another revelation, or another God. The dinner of the Kingdom of God is next to me and to you: just ready. 

The third:
We can lose it.
We can find a lot of excuses. Sometimes very important and evocative. But if I avoid this chance and opportunity to be closer to God, the same situation will never repeated.

Jesus tells: “None of those men who were invited will taste my dinner”.
Let us take opportunity today to be closer to God, because nobody can say anything about tomorrow.

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