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Science and faith (Wed/9/I)

Jerusalem, Notre Dame, 6th June 2007


Today‘s gospel is very a good example for discussion: science and faith.

Sadducees were well educated people in the time of Jesus. And they didn’t believe in the resurrection and they had a logical argumentation. They thought: “We are right! Jesus is wrong! The resurrection is illogical!”
Jesus believed in resurrection and he had also a logical argumentation. And more: He said to them “You are greatly misled”.
So we have problem. On the one hand Sadducees: “we are right”. On the other hand: Jesus: “You are greatly misled”. Where is the truth?

The Sadducees didn’t believe in the argumentation of Jesus. In the Act o Apostles we read they still don’t believe in the resurrection. So even Jesus didn’t convince them of the life after death. 
But what is important Sadducees didn’t have more arguments, or better arguments. They only didn’t have courage to confess that the faith is a matter of grace and not a matter of argumentation.

The same problem we have nowadays. A lot of people – especially scientists – have  a lot arguments against our faith. And we have a lot arguments in favour of our faith. And we can repeat with Jesus „You are greatly misled”. But what we don’t like it and it is not fair, when the people abuse the scientific authority to say something against God, church and faith. Science and logic are never against God because he is the master of the universe. So we ask: “Dear scientist. Don’t say: it’s against science or logic. Be honest, please. Just say: I don’t have a grace to believe in God”.

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