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Who are you at Cana? (2C)

Jerusalem-Notre Dame, 14th January 2007


Dear Brothers and Sisters.
We have read about the wedding at Cana and we see it very well: the guests, the lack of wine and the joy because somebody is able to resolve the human troubles.
But we don’t want only to look at the miracles. We don’t want to be simple spectators. Because we know: Cana is happening today. So we ask: Who are we at this wedding? Who are you at this wedding?

1. Maybe you are Mary.
Maybe it is you who know the problems of your friends. Maybe you understand better than the others what does need your mother, father, brother or somebody in your job. Maybe it is you who can speak with Jesus about it, who can ask Jesus, because it is you who believe in him.
Maybe you are Mary… Aren’t you?

2. Who are you at Cana?
Maybe you are Jesus who has the power to do something good. Maybe you think it is not yet the time, perhaps later. Maybe the people ask you to do something. And you can. Because you have today time, because you have today money, or because you have today a good heart.
Maybe you are Jesus.. Aren’t you? 

3. Who are you at Cana?
Maybe you are one of the server. You don’t understand why you have to do an extraordinary work. Maybe you are doing today a lot of things you don’t understand. Perhaps you are angry or annoyed because of some difficult demand. But you are doing it. In silent. You don’t say anything. You are suffering.
Maybe you are a server.. Aren’t you? 

4. Who are you at Cana?
Are you a bridegroom?
You began a new life. You started to do something special, maybe school, work, relationship or something else, and immediately you see that something is wrong, you feel that the people will not be satisfied with you. You are afraid that all will finish badly. You don’t understand that in the moment of your trouble it is Jesus and Mary who are speaking how improve this unpleasant situation. You are thinking only: what a shame! I will lose it like a bridegroom was about to lose wine.
Maybe you are a bridegroom.. Aren’t you? 

Dear Brothers and Sisters.
The wedding at Cana hasn’t finished. Today we are invited at this weeding. We are invited in this world where God is still doing the incredible and impossible miracles.
Whoever we are at Cana of the modern world, let us remember, we are witnesses of the powerful and ever-loving God.

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