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Two problems with one Gospel (7C)

Jerusalem-Notre Dame, 18th February 2007


Dear Brothers and Sisters!
What kind of comment can I do after this Gospel?
Should I say: Don’t take Jesus’ words in the literal sense?
O maybe I should explain what does mean: do not withhold your tunic or give to everyone who asks of you, orsomething else?
I was thinking a lot about today’s Gospel, but I couldn’t find any interesting topic.

I think we have two great problems with today’s gospel.
The first: it’s the problem of our faith.
Do you believe in Jesus’ words? Do I believe that what Jesus said is true? Can you say with honesty: Yes, I agree! I should bless those who curse me. I should pray for those who mistreat me. I should offer the other cheek, when the person strikes me on one cheek. Do you agree?
This is the first problem of this gospel. Maybe we don’t believe in the deep of our hearts in these words, perhaps we don’t agree with Jesus and we want to cry: O, Lord! It’s impossible to live in that way!
If we don’t believe in these Jesus words we have to pray: Lord Jesus, give me the grace to believe in you, to believe in what you are saying, to believe that only you are right, only you know what is the best for me and for my life. 

The second problem is to put these Jesus’ words into practise. Maybe we believe that Jesus is right, that it would be great to live as Jesus taught us, but we don’t have any force to love those who are against us.
In this case it would be very usefully to choose one of Jesus words and focus all you desire and all your faith to put only this one suggestion into practice.
Stop judging!
Give everyone who asks of you!
Do to others as you would have them to do you!
Lend expecting nothing back!
Stop condemning!
Bless those who curse you!
Pray for those who mistreat you!
Which of these words is the most important and the most needed now in your life? 

Dear Brothers and Sisters!
The Lent is coming. So let us do something to believe and to put into practise at least one of Jesus’ words. Because the one who will not follow Jesus’ difficult steps, will never find the tomb of  the resurrection, either in this life or in the life to come.
Lord, Jesus Christ!
Help us to  love our enemies.
Give us the grace to be kind to everybody.
Strengthen us, when we are too weak to put your words into practise. And never allow us to lose the faith that only with you the live is everlasting resurrection. Amen.

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