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Sweet and Sour (Fr/33/II)

Jerusalem, Notre Dame, 24th November 2006


The psalmist said today:
How sweet to my palate are your promises!
And we repeated:
How sweet to my taste is your promise! 

However, the Book of Revelation shows us the other side. John swallowed the scroll and in his mouth it was like sweet honey, but when he had eaten it, his stomach turned sour.
Sweet or sour? Probably both. And despite todays Psalm there are a lot of people who say: „God’s commandments are not tasty”. 

There is a roman proverb: De gustibus non disputanduum est – „there is not to be discussion regarding tastes”. We don’t want to discuss about the taste of God’s promises. We know it is sweet and it is sour. What we want and what we can is just to pray:
“O, Lord, sweeten your decrees so that we can gasp with open mouth in our yearning for you commands.”

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