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Life and Vegetation (Mon/28/II)

Jerusalem, Notre Dame, 8th October 2006


Jesus said: “do this and you will live”.

If Jesus said:  “you will live”, it means that the scholar of the law didn’t live.
Maybe he existed, but he didn’t live.
Maybe he vegetated, but he didn’t live.
There are people who live and there are people who only exist.
To inherit eternal life means to live really…
The scholar of the law didn’t live really so he asked about eternal life.
He didn’t live really so Jesus said to him: “Do this and you will live”.

The true and sensible life depends on what I am doing. 

What do you do in your life that you only exist?
What am I doing that I only vegetate?
The problem of Christianity is not caused by Muslims or by Jews or by the modern society.
My and your problem is as follows: we do a lot of things in our life that have nothing common with the true life.

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