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A lesson from the fig tree (33B)

Jerusalem-Notre Dame, 19th November 2006



It’s very difficult to explain all details of today’s gospel.
What can we say about the sun that will be darkened or about the moon that will not give its light? 
In theory it’s easy. The sun still shines and the stars are still in the sky, so it is not yet the time of the Son of Man. But why does Jesus say “this generation will not pass away until all these things have taken place”? The generation of the time of Jesus passed away and the sun still shines. Should we understand “this generation” means the history of all humankind? Or rather we should interpret the great sings in another way. But in witch way?

Jesus says: “Learn a lesson from the fig tree. When you see these things happening, know that he is near”.But how can we learn from the fig tree, if we don’t understand properly what kind of these things Jesus is speaking about?

Today’s gospel becomes clear on the pragmatic level.
If you see great sings like earthquake, typhoon, a volcanic eruption or flood, try to see the Son of Man in these events! Because God is near, God is at the gates of all kind of troubles. He doesn’t leave man in the disaster.
If you don’t see great signs, try to see God in the small things!
If you don’t see the Son of Man coming in the clouds, try to see him on earth!
If you don’t see Jesus at the gates, try to see him in the inside of house!
If you don’t know that he is near, go and look for him there where he is always!
And where is he always?
“Heaven and earth will pass away, but my words will not pass away”. The Greek verb that describes “pass away” it’s verb that means “to come to an end and so no longer be there” or pass away in the sense lose force, become invalid. If the words of Jesus will not pass away, it means that his word are here, have force and are valid.
And if his words are here, we can find Jesus, because who speaks is near his own words.
The task for everybody is very clear.
Listen to the words of Jesus so that you can find himself.
Hear the words of Christ until you meet him.
Those who listen to the word of the Lord without meeting him are like donkeys: they carrie wine but drink water.

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