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The Baptism of Caitlin

Kirkham, 16th July 2006

Mt 28: 18-20

Brothers and sisters in Christ! Dear Caitlin!
I would to say just some words, because this day – we can say without exaggeration – this day is maybe the most important in Caitlin’s life. Why?

At first, because the baptism removes the original sin and open the way to the salvation. Through the baptism we are sure to stay in the hands of God, to be cuddled to God’s heart, to be taken under God’s wing.

Secondly, the baptism opens the door of the church. Caitlin, you will never be alone. You will have not only mother and father, family and friends. A milliard Christians in the world are becoming today your friends, yours brothers and your sisters. Anywhere you will live, you can say to the other Christian in the name of Jesus Christ: “You are my relative, because in my and your body is the same blood, the blood of Jesus Christ, that he shed for us”.
Next, the baptism is the gate to the other sacraments. Caitlin, today you are about to get the key to the house, in which you will get great and wonderful gifts: Eucharist, reconciliation, confirmation, and not only these.
And the last word, Caitlin, the most important gift you are getting is the gift of the new life. Today you are starting adventure with Jesus, Mary, Angels and saint patrons. This is the adventure of faith, mystery, prayer, the beautiful and great traditions of the Church. This is the adventure to live in Christ.

Dear Caitlin’s parents, friends, brothers and sister!
The church is giving today the great gift to Caitlin.
We wish that she will discover this gift, will take it into her heart and never will regret this holy moment.

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