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Priests and Pharisees (Tue/2/Lent)

Jerusalem, Nore Dame, 6th March 2007


Just three questions and three answers.

1. About whom is Jesus saying in today’s gospel?
It’s quite obvious that today’s gospel is speaking about priests. The Bible doesn’t want to speak about the people in the past, because it is the book of life. From the point of view of unbeliever the gospel speaks only about scribes and Pharisees. But if we belief in the living gospel we see in those scribes and Pharisees everybody who preach Gospel nowadays and speaks about God.

2. How should we treat priests who don’t live according their teaching?
We should treat them as a road sign. A road sing shows for instance how can we get the city, in which direction must we turn. We have to be grateful that the sign shows us the truth. But what is very sad, that this road sign never will go to the city and never will be happy, that the true life is more wonderful than speaking about it. 
I beg you for pardon, that sometimes we don’t live as we teach. Don’t lose courage! Don’t be angry with the road sign who doesn’t go in the direction that shows! But you go and thank God that you know the direction! And please, pray for us…

3. How should we understand a ban, prohibition to call Rabbi, Muster, Father?
Usually we say: it is only metaphor. Don’t take it literally! And we try to explain Jesus’ words in another way. I think it would be easier just to put Jesus’ words into practice and to live at least one month without calling anybody father, rabbi or muster. There are a lot of different names to call the people we know. So you can call me in this month “brother Wojciech” or just Wojciech so we will put at least a piece of the Gospel into practice.

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