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To want and to have (Tue/4/Lent)

Jerusalem, Nore Dame, 20th March 2007


In today’s gospel we have two necessary conditions to be healed by Jesus.

Do you want to be well? – Jesus asks – Do you want to be well?

In parish where I was born there was an assistant priest who he liked repeat: We won’t convert the whole world to the Christianity. But it would be great to do something so that the people want more, just to cause willingness to the gospel. 
If somebody doesn’t want we can not do anything. 
Do you want to be well?

But the sick mad didn’t answer: Yes, I want to be well. He answered: “I have no one”.
The Greek says more dramatically: „I have no man, I have no human being”.
That was very sad answer: he has been for 38 years sick and he hasn’t found anybody who would help him.

To want sometimes is not enough. Sometimes or maybe very often we need the others to be healed from any kind of sickness. 

Let us pray for the people that they want to want.
Let us for the people that they find people.

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